173358-ea-sports-online-pass_headerBack in May, EA announced that they would be removing the Online Pass feature from all of its games. We guess some had speculated that was in anticipation of Sony and Microsoft announcing their own DRM policies which would ultimately make EA’s Online Pass redundant, so when Sony did reveal their plans, and with Microsoft backtracking on theirs, some are probably wondering, does this mean that EA will reintroduce Online Pass as a way to prevent gamers from selling or lending used games to one another? Well the good news is that despite EA being named the worst company in America, it looks like they will be sticking to their guns and will remove the Online Pass feature.

According to EA, the decision to remove Online Pass was based on feedback from players, and that the recent announcements by both Sony and Microsoft did not affect EA’s decision and that there will not be any changes made to their plans. Either way we guess gamers can now breathe a sigh of relief!

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