facebook-outageEarlier today, most folks would have heard a collective cry of screams across the galaxy, one that bellows as a long “NooOOOoOoOooo!”, which has an effect that is far more painful for Master Yoda to feel in the Force compared to when Order 66 was executed. The reason behind that? A global outage of Facebook, one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Well, you can now heave a collective sigh of relief considering how Facebook is now up and running. While the outage did affect folks living in the US, South America, Australia and Europe, apparently not everyone experienced difficulties. We do wonder whether those whose birthdays fall during those crucial moments saw the intention of your friend’s plan of sending you an Amazon Birthday Gift over Facebook thwarted.

Apparently, Facebook was down and out for approximately 20 minutes, where error messages can be seen on Facebook’s launch page. One of Facebook’s messages read, “Sorry, something went wrong.” Obviously it is moments like these when one would take to other alternatives such as Twitter to get the message across, and it remains to be seen as to why Facebook went down in the first place.

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