Flying Bicycle Test Launch Finally Takes Flight

Last year, we mentioned Czech designers and engineers working at Technodat coming up with a flying bicycle which they expected to be able to run a flight test last August. We’re not sure what happened to cause a delay of almost one year, but the flight test for the Flying Bike, or FBike, took place last week. Lucky for you, Technodat recorded the entire test and can be viewed above.

In the flight test, the 220-pound, radio-controller bike is able to fly for several minutes with a dummy riding the bicycle as it used a combination of six battery-powered propellers in order to life it off the ground. Technodat director Aleš Kobylík said the reason for building its flying bike was for “Our main motivation at work on the project was not profit or commercial interest, but the fulfillment of our boyhood dreams.”

As successful as the test flight for Technodat’s flying bike seems to have been, we still can’t imagine a world where anything like this is available as a consumer product considering just how many awful drivers there are on our roads. Having them zipping around on flying bikes and cars definitely won’t make things any better.

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