Google Fiber And Robot Helps Boy Pitch At MLB Game

Is there no limit to the wonders of technology? I would assume that if there were, we have not quite reached there yet, as Google Fiber and a robot are working hand in hand to help a boy who is down with a rare disorder to actually throw the first pitch at a Wednesday night MLB game, and this has occurred all the way from a distance of 1,800 miles away.

13-year old Nick LeGrande is a huge baseball fan, and he suffers from this rare blood disorder that is known as aplastic anemia. His condition puts him in a rather difficult condition since he is unable to play the game he loves. Well, thanks to the help of Google Fiber and a robot, Nick managed to throw his first pitch at the Yankees-A’s game tonight, all thanks to the wonders of telerobotics. What are some of the other practical applications that you can think of when it comes to the wonders of telerobotics? I am quite sure that the military would be able to figure out a way to have telerobotics on the battlefield so that the loss of life can be reduced or averted, at least for one side of the military.

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