google-glass-hdrDevices that receive software and firmware updates are pretty much like good wine to a certain extent – they age pretty well and get better with time, although for the world of consumer electronics, there comes a time when you should just ditch old faithful and purchase a newer model. Well, for Google Glass, it had the celebrated capability of shooting images with a finger swipe or voice command, although the quality of those photos back then were nothing to shout about. Enter the latest update for Google Glass that will be able to provide a much needed boost for its photography functions.

Not only can you now capture a rapid sequence of photos, which enables supporters of HDR (high-dynamic range) images to make enhancements to their photos and deliver a dramatic, hyper-realistic look that can be found on other photo services such as Instagram and Flickr, the update will also improves the device’s camera performance in low light conditions and capture sharper images even when your subject is moving. Not only that, you can now also add captions to your photos with but verbal commands, now how about that?

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