Word on the rumor mill is that Google is internally testing a new service right now called Google Mine. It is supposedly going to be integrated with Google+ and will allow users to catalog things that they own or would like to own, they’ll be able to share all of this with their circles as well. Google Mine is also expected to let users rate and review items, upload photos of them and share updates that their friends can see and comment on. Users will have control of the circles they want to share with, obviously.

Apparently users will also be able to use Google Mine to send requests to their friends for borrowing or trying something that they own. An Android app has reportedly been created for the service as well which is available right now in Bazaar, which is Google’s internal Play Store. Users will also be able to update the status of their belongings, such as “lent,” “lost it,” “given away,” and “got it back.” No word as yet when Google plans on making this service available to all Google+ users.

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