Google Purchases Two Robots That Can Perform Gangnam Style Dance

gangnam-robotWe all know that the biggest Internet search giant in the world, Google, is cash rich, and many of the top management executives are millionaires in their own right due to the amount of stock that they hold (needless to say, their founders are billionaires and have been for quite some time already), and so they can be “forgiven” if the company seems to spend cash in a frivolous manner from time to time. Their latest purchase would be forking out $40 million for a robot that can learn human dance moves, and the Hubo Two, as it is called, will rely on motion-capture cameras which can track a human dancer’s movements before trying to replicate those dance moves.

The Hubo two is a highly flexible robot, as it comes with arms that are more than flexible to perform the famous lasso-swinging move in Psy’s Gangnam Style hit. With two robots purchased, the folks over at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (whose researchers came up with such robots) are now $80 million better off. It would be pretty ironic to see the Hubo Two emulate a robot dance performed by a human, don’t you think so?

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