panasonic-inflightA couple of days ago, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did seem as though they were about to revoke one particular law that most folks think was archaic – by allowing passengers in airplanes to continue using their electronic devices during take-off and landing. I guess things are not all that simple, as it might even take months before the newer and seemingly more relaxed regulations take off. Right now, the FAA already have a draft report that claims that the ban on electronics usage under 10,000 feet should have been nixed a long time ago, but they did drop a note of caution that it will require a fair number of months of testing to figure out just which aircraft models will be the most vulnerable to potential electromagnetic interference when it comes to electronic devices used by passengers.

To make the wait more agonizing for us passengers, the FAA has yet to set a specific timeline when it comes to lifting such regulations. It could eventually pan out to be a potentially lengthy process which will see the inclusion of safety assessments, crew training, public relations campaigns and coordination with foreign regulators. Apart from that, there is no guarantee that the report’s conclusions would remain the same before its September due date, so us passengers will just have to continue exercising patience.

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