13.06.11-Hotspot2It was just a couple of days ago that Apple officially took the wraps off iOS 7, and while the Cupertino company did share some exciting new features of the operating system, there were also some features that they left out, either on purpose and saved for a later date, or simply because it did not really have the “wow” factor. Either way it seems that one of those features left out from the announcement was how iOS 7 would support WiFi Hotspot 2.0. For those wondering what this is, WiFi Hotspot 2.0 is basically of the WiFi Alliance’s Certified Passpoint system where your mobile device will automatically connect you to a public-acess WiFi the moment you are in range.

This will help users who burn through their data plan within a couple of weeks, as well as users who might not be getting a strong enough signal for them to access their 3G or LTE internet. This sounds pretty convenient, but at the same time pretty scary especially since these are public-access WiFi hotspots after all. Well supposedly these connections will have WPA2 security protection, meaning that in theory your information should be safe from other users. While iOS 7 is not the first operating system to incorporate the feature (the Samsung Galaxy S4 already has it), the public-access WiFi hotspots need to support the standard first before it really becomes useful, but it’s good to know that Apple has thought about the future.

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