Only a couple of days ago we reported that American Airlines had completed the roll out of iPads to its more than 8000 pilots. JetBlue announced today that its pilots too will now be welcoming iPads to the flight deck, and that Apple’s tablets will be a new addition to the tools they have available to them on the flight deck. One of the benefits of having iPads on the flight deck is that they eliminate the need for pilots to carry around bulky paper charts and manuals, and since there will be less weight on the aircraft, it would also result in fuel savings for the airline in the long run.

JetBlue is training its pilots to use three core apps that will keep then up to date with real time weather information, help with their pre-flight planning as well as provide them digital airport and airport charts. The iPads will be connected to satellite Wi-Fi powered by LiveTV, which would enable them to easily download all the information that they need, even when they’re 30,000 feet in the air. With the iPads providing pilots with real time information, they’ll also be able to adjust their course to make the flight smoother for their passengers.

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