kickstartAnyone who has suffered from a serious stroke would know that walking could eventually end up to be a very painful experience, and some might even deem it to be impossible, Donna Jang of California who suffered a stroke in 1992, has managed to recover to such an extent that she is even involved in ballroom dancing today, and this is not due to therapy alone, but rather, because of a new device that is known as the Kickstart Walking System. The Kickstart Walking System happens to be a leg brace which will help folks who suffer from neurological injuries to regain their movement.

The Kickstart Walking System will be able to operate sans motors, batteries or electricity of any sort. This is a good thing, since you do not need to worry about anything like recharging your device. Rather, the Kickstart Walking System will rely on a pulley system and a long spring that has been aligned to the front of the leg to get one going. In essence, the Kickstart Walking System would aid the hip flexor muscles, which in turn controls the motion of the hip as well as upper thigh, where both of them are critical to walking. It takes a few steps to get going, since the wearer would build up kinetic energy from the body in moving forward after that.

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