xboxoneincompatibilityMicrosoft did share that the next generation Kinect for Windows development kit will be made available for $400 a pop earlier today, and here we are with more word on Kinect for the Xbox One. Apparently, the Kinect for Xbox One will not be able to play nice with Windows-powered machines, as there will be no adapter that allows one to change the Xbox One’s Kinect connector into standard USB – at least not yet, anyways. Of course, we are not going to rule out anything that might change in the future as you can never tell just what might happen down the road. A spokesperson mentioned, “The Kinect for Xbox One sensor will not have an adaptor that allows it to plug into a computer…. the new generation Kinect for Windows sensor will connect to computers using a standard USB3 port.”

This new generation Kinect for Windows sensor will be a fully tested, licensed, and supported Kinect experience on Windows, and while both devices are very similar in nature, Microsoft has not guaranteed that the Windows version will carry similar components as those found in the Xbox One. Not only that, licensing wise, the Xbox One’s Kinect is not been licensed for commercial use, and neither will it be under warranty should someone figure out a way to hook it up to a PC.

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