lego-sydneyThere are LEGO creations, and then there are LEGO creations which totally blow the mind away. What you see above is a LEGO creation of the Sydney Opera House in Australia, which so happens to comprise of a whopping 2,989 bricks while measuring 11” in height, 25” wide and 15” deep. Obviously this is not as large as the real deal as that would be somewhat a nigh impossible task, but at the very least you know the “construction” cost of it would amount to a relatively lightweight $320.

This is one amazing LEGO model, where it sports its fair share of complex shapes as well as details, and anyone who is not geographically challenged, having cast their eyes on it, will be able to tell that this is the iconic Sydney Opera House that was completed in 1973 in Australia, where it was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon. Expect this LEGO Sydney Opera House to arrive later this September at the Lego Shop and other Lego stores.

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