MetroPCS Bring-Your-Own-Phone Program Launched


We picked up on a rumor last week that MetroPCS, which is actually owned by T-Mobile, is going to start a Bring-Your-Own-Phone or BYOP service from 12th June. The rumors has turned out to be spot on, MetroPCS launched its BYOP service today which is currently available in four cities only, though more will be added soon. Customers who reside in these locations will be able to bring their own GSM devices to this pre-paid carrier.

Currently MetroPCS’s BYOP service is available to residents of Las Vegas, Dallas, Boston and Hartford. The service supports a handful of devices, including various Android smartphones, iPhones from T-Mobile and AT&T as well as the iPhone 5 from Sprint and Verizon. Unfortunately BlackBerry owners have been left out of the fray, no tablets or mobile hotspots will be supported by the service as well. To use with their own devices, customers can choose from rate plans that range from $40 to $60 per month.┬áNew MetroPCS customers will also be able to port their numbers provided that they do not have any pending contract with their previous carrier.

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