We have seen how different companies poke fun at their rivals in ads from time to time. The car industry is rife with these, regardless of whether you are driving a solid continental make, or one of those souped up rice rockets from Japan. As for the tech industry, it is not spared from this kind of tete-a-tete, either, and in the latest ad from Microsoft that you can view above, it pokes fun at Apple’s iPad in comparison to the Dell XPS 10, which so happens to run on Windows RT as the operating system of choice. The ad itself kicks off this way – by making fun of the iPad’s home screen, especially the fact that you are unable to zoom around and see what else you can see where your content is located. Microsoft 1, Apple 0.

The other point where Microsoft decided to poke fun at Apple would be when you are trying to load photos of a car trip from an SD card, where this action cannot be performed on an iPad – at least natively, since you will need to fork out a separate SD card adapter for an additional $30. As the user intends to find a place to fit the SD card inside, this is a reminder from the iPad to the viewer of its limited port selection and expandability. When you throw in Windows RT’s ability in multitasking as well as the $200 price tag difference between the two, it does sound like winner, winner, chicken dinner for Microsoft.

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