In February earlier this year, Microsoft Research rolled out BLINK, which happens to be a handy free photo app for Windows Phone 8 which is capable of capturing a burst of images whenever you keep the shutter button on your smartphone pressed down, letting you select the best shot from the entire bunch later on. Microsoft claimed the BLINK ended up as an unprecedented hit, having achieved over 317,000 downloads and hundreds of 5-star reviews in the four month period following its release.

Well, there is no point in sitting on one’s laurels, which is why Microsoft scientists have churned out an update to BLINK, where version 2.0 would be able to introduce additional abilities that enable one to create and share short video clips. Is it just me, or are short video clips growing to be all the rage these days? After all, Instagram is set to unveil video support from June 20th onwards, while Vine continues to rise in popularity. BLINK could be taken to the next level where a Lens app is concerned.

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