MTV Uses Snapchat To Promote Geordie Shore


It’s undeniable just how popular Snapchat as the company announced just a few months ago its users are sending 150 million photos within a single day. As a result, we’re not surprised to hear companies have started to use the service as a way to promote their products, services or even upcoming TV shows.

MTV UK is the latest company to use Snapchat as a marketing tool to help promote one of its upcoming TV shows, Geordie Shore, which is a British close of MTV’s wildly popular Jersey Shore. The way MTV UK is using Snapchat to promote the upcoming show is by delivering exclusives photos and videos from the show onto the service.

The promotion launched last week and showed a series of vacation photos, similar to what The Hangover has done in its films. The idea behind these photos was to show a “cheekier side” of the Geordie Shore, although whether or not MTV UK viewers actually watch the show remains a mystery to us in the U.S.

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