lumia_phablet-900x506We’ve been hearing the rumors that Nokia could be prepping a phablet of sorts, presumably to go up against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note series of phablets and other devices from other manufacturers. Well thanks to a presentation slide spotted in a Russian Nokia presentation, it shows the image of a mysterious Nokia device which we can’t really identify. Amongst the other devices, the Lumia 925 and the Lumia 920 can be seen, with a slightly larger Lumia device behind it. We agree with the folks at WPCentral that Nokia probably isn’t that silly to accidentally leak an image of an upcoming device, especially during its own presentation, so what could it be? Chances are it could be an existing Lumia device, just enlarged a little to make it sit nicely behind the other phones, so make what you will of it for now, but whatever that device is, it certainly does not look phablet-like.

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