nba-2k14If there are four major sports in the US that has gripped the country with feverish passion each year, it would be football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. Needless to say, sports games on consoles can prove to be undeniably popular titles, and you are more or less sure that each gaming franchise would have a brand new title each year to keep up with the times. 2K Sports has just announced that NBA 2K14 will be made available to the masses later this October 1, although you can already place your pre-order now, and early birds who do so would be on the receiving end of a King James bonus pack.

What does the King James bonus pack bring along with it? You will get additional content for Greatness Mode, LeBron James unlocked in Blacktop Mode, LeBron James signature skill and 10,000 virtual currency along the way. Out this October on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, those who are getting entertained by their Wii U would not be able to enjoy NBA 2K14. Looks like it is pretty difficult to remain a “one console only” gamer these days. [Facebook Post]

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