80-million-nikonToday is a day of milestones, where we did learn that WhatsApp actually processes a whopping 27 billion messages in a single 24 hour window on average, and as for Nikon, they have hit the 80 million mark when it comes to the production of Nikkor lenses. Do take stock of the situation and know that the first Aero-NIKKOR lens which was specially designed for aerial photography was originally released all the way back in 1933. Well, could it hit the century million mark by the time Nikon’s Nikkor lenses celebrate their centenary year? Only time will tell, but I guess between now and then, there is just so much more to look forward to than to sit down and wait for reports of records being broken come trickling in.

It must be said that the rapid adoption of Nikkor lenses took off as the world of digital photography matured, as at the beginning of November 2012, the total production of Nikkor lenses for Nikon SLR cameras actually touched the seventy-five million mark, and Nikon has not looked back from actively releasing new Nikkor lenses since then, either. Are you a Canon or a Nikon fan? [Press Release]

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