pipWe live in an extremely stressful environment these days – at least, for folks who happen to live in a city environment. as we have plenty on our plate at our desk jobs alone, not to mention for those of us who still have families to look after once we clock out from work. Perhaps it is time to take things slowly and relax, and this is where Galvanic’s Personal Input Pod (PIP) comes in handy.

The PIP comes across as a tiny yet wireless bio-sensor which was specially designed to deliver a user feedback on their stress level. All you need to do is hold it between your finger and thumb, and it will then be able to measure the conductivity of your skin. This skin conductivity level varies, depending on the level of your stress, and all data will be gathered before it is sent to your smartphone over Bluetooth. It is also nice to know that PIP has incorporated some games to help you lower your stress, although I am quite sure some other third party games which you can purchase off an app store would also be able to do its part to do the same for you.

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