pokemon-xyFor those of you who grew up on the Pokemon series of games, you would surely have gotten tired of “catching ’em all”, or have you? After all, the number of Pokemon in the wild always seem to increase, where even the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time is sure to miss out one or two of these puppies. Having said that, the latest version of the Pokemon series are the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, where both these titles were announced earlier this January. Hopefully, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y would be able to live up to its predecessors’ fame and popularity for being quality titles.

Not only that, the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y would target only the Nintendo 3DS on an exclusive basis, and for folks who are still gaming away on their Nintendo DS or DS Lites, here is a fantastic excuse to make that upgrade. Legendary Pokemon developer Game Freak even promised that the environments within the game have been redone in totality so that it can take full advantage of what the Nintendo 3DS’ hardware is capable of. Basically, both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are tipped for an October 12th release.

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