acer-zyngaSince all work and no play makes Jack (or Jane, if you want to be politically correct in this day and age) a dull boy, here is some news for you that might even influence your next desktop computer purchase – Pokki has a plan to offer you the full library of games right smack on your spanking new Windows 8 PCs from Acer. This particular “game arcade” is said to be an extension of the Pokki Game Network, where it will come preloaded on Acer PCs, in addition to the hugely popular Pokki Start menu for Windows 8 alongside hundreds of free apps in the Pokki app store.

Pokki is the result of SweetLabs’ efforts, where they previously earned their stripes with desktop versions of popular apps such as Angry Birds, Pandora and Pinterest. The Zynga games that ran on an Acer machine looked pretty easy on the eyes, where installation is a snap, requiring just one click before you are able to play these games almost immediately. Most of the games can be said to load pretty quickly, and the games do come with a feel of an authentic tablet experience.

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