dnashoeWhen it comes to handbags and shoes, here is a tip for you wet-behind-the-ears guys – never argue with your girlfriend or spouse on how they already have far more handbags and shoes at home than they ever need, or you will most probably end up sleeping on the couch this evening. Instead, you can play the role of being a loving and supportive partner by offering to pay for their latest purchase. Granted, some of the shoes might look lovely from the outside, but it is a killer when she wears them, paying with pain in the name of fashion. Why not bring the world of 3D printing to merge it with fashion?

Pensar Studios did just that, by coming up with the idea of printing shoes that would fit only you and you alone. Sort of like a Cinderella moment, no? You will first need to outfit a pair of regular old sneakers with pressure sensors as well as accelerometers from Pensar, before you return these sensors to the store as your biomechanics are uploaded to a computer. The computer would crunch through all of that data before coming up with a shoe design that is meant just for you via a 3D printer.

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