628x471One of the cool features of iOS 7 is the activation lock which is one of the features Apple introduced in iOS 7. This will prevent thieves of stolen phone from reselling the device, especially since the handset is pretty much a dud unless the owner reactivates it with their Apple ID and password. This is one of the steps that Apple is taking to help prevent smartphone theft, apart from their Find My iPhone feature, and it seems like this was a welcome move by prosecutors in San Francisco and New York. While prosecutors did not actually applaud Apple openly for this feature, they did say that this was a move they appreciated, although they will be waiting to see how effective it is being lauding praises onto the Cupertino company.

This comes on the heels of a report earlier this year in which prosecutors felt that companies such as Apple weren’t doing enough to prevent smartphone theft, especially since they believed that thefts could be discouraged from a technological point of view, i.e. a kill-switch of sorts. Either way we are just as curious to see how this activation lock feature will play out, but what do you guys think? Will this feature be good enough to deter theft?

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