Sony must be feeling pretty good right about now considering the majority of gamers feel they easily won E3 with the company’s presentation yesterday highlighting not only the PlayStation 4, but also games the will be made available on the console as well its pricing and availability. But it looks like Sony didn’t tell the entire story in regards to how PlayStation Plus will change on the PlayStation 4.


We already know PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to carry over their membership to the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita to the PlayStation 4. But according to a recently published video where Sony mocks Microsoft showing how easy it is to lend a game out to your friends, You will need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber in order to play multiplayer.

The statement in the video reads:

“PS4 multi-player online access requires PSN account & PS Plus Subscription.”

When Sony introduced the PlayStation Network, the company always touted its ability to offer free multiplayer gaming to its users at no additional charge, even after they introduced PlayStation Plus. This certainly isn’t the ideal way for potential PlayStation 4 owners to learn about this change by stumbling onto some text attached to a mock video, although if Sony announced the change during their press conference, we’re sure many people would have easily considered it a sore spot in their entire presentation.

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