Let us say that you are a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise, but somehow or rather, your spouse and the kids that you sired did not manage to get this part of your genetic make-up in their system. What are you to do? Your mastery of the Force is still too weak to play Jedi mind tricks on them, so you will have to try something less subtle, such as using your knowledge of baking and marrying that with some technological advancements. This is exactly what Marc, a father, did, by baking a R2-D2 robot which is not only edible, but it also comes with the relevant innards (a pico projector, in fact) within Artoo’s dome, running a VGA cable to a netbook which is then controlled himself.

This allowed Marc to project the right video sequence at the exact moment, and at the end of Leia’s message, Marc even threw in a special birthday message for his little one. Come on now, you can wipe away that tear from the corner of your eye after being touched to the core.

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