underground-parkingWe have read on how secret bunkers come in handy during times of war, as folks are able to settle in without worrying too much about the roof caving in on them when underground compared to living in an actual house itself. Well, bicycles might not be humans, but at least in Japan they have a bunker of sorts – I am referring to Shinagawa’s automated bicycle vaults, where one of the reasons that these bicycle vaults exist is because it would help ensure that your two wheelers remain safe not only from the weather, but from pranksters as well. Totally dreamy machine, as though this is one of those weirder vending machines out there that actually accept your coins, and send a robotic arm to retrieve the soda can of your choice, before it is redirected to a hole and dropped through as you look forward to grasping that thirst quencher.

Do you think that folks living in the US would need something like this? After all, we do have our fair share of “creative” folks out there who do not mind using your bicycle as a canvas of sorts…

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