sharpsensorWe know that convergence devices are the way to go, which is far ahead of what many of us could think of a decade and half ago where mobile phones are concerned. After all, if you were to say that today’s phone would be “smart” and has a camera, built-in GPS and is basically a portable Walkman that plays video to boot, you might be looked upon as someone who’s lost his or her marbles. Well, Sharp (who recently had $120 million invested in them by Qualcomm) has come up with a brand new generation of sensors which will marge gestures, proximity and illuminance detection, all into a single sensor.

Assuming next generation smartphones start to implement these Sharp sensors in the chassis, chances are the new range of smartphones would be something else totally, and it is up to the hardware manufacturers to get the best developers to write the right kind of apps in order to take full advantage of the new sensor. However, it will still take around one year before we are able to see such a sensor in consumer products, but Sharp is optimistic that demand for this technology will rise significantly in the months ahead. Do you share a similar enthusiasm as Sharp?

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