Shirt Designed For The iPhone Comes With Microfiber Cloth Sewn Into It

White-OxfordWith the oils from our hands and our faces, not to mention dirt, grease, and whatnot, the screens of our phones get pretty nasty and usually within the course of a day, many of us wipe our phones down several times. Usually a microfiber cloth will do the trick, but not everyone has one or brings one out with them, which is why this shirt from designer Voy Voy might be something worth checking out. The design of the shirt itself is pretty normal, clean and simple, but what makes it unique is how it comes with a small piece of microfiber cloth sewn to the bottom corner of the shirt, allowing the user to use it to wipe down the screens of their electronic devices such as camera LCDs, tablets, or even smartphones.

In fact according to the product’s description, the shirt has been created for the iPhone in mind, with a pocket designed to hold the iPhone specifically. We’re not sure what this entails – could it be that the pocket has been measured and designed in a way that it will hold the iPhone securely, versus larger pockets where the phone could slip out when you bend over? In any case this shirt is priced at $98 and can be bought at Voy Voy’s website.

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