Sky Sentinel UAV Airship

sky-sentinelHave you watched the latest Batman: The Dark Knight Returns cartoon? In the second part of the story, it showed how blimps that were launched courtesy of Wayne Enterprises helped the city’s collective law enforcement agencies to keep better tabs on the overall crime scene thanks to a bird’s eye view and some snazzy artificial intelligence. Sure, that is all fiction and sound nice, but is it possible in real life? Perhaps word that the launch of the Sky Sentinel UAV airship could very well prove to be a baby step in a similar direction.

The Sky Sentinel comes across as a small UAV airship which is capable of remaining aloft for up to 18 hours, where it will deliver silent surveillance of a wide area at altitudes of up to 10,000 feet, that would translate to slightly more than 3 kilometers up the air. These Sky Sentinels will be equipped with large payload modules, multiple sensor attachments, significant electric power, and endurance, coming in a virtually noise- and vibration-free environment.

Read more about uav. Source: gizmag

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