A new Sony Music Unlimited app for iOS was released today, it looks to up the company’s game in the mobile music streaming niche. The changes are definitely going to be welcome, and since there are already a lot of contenders in this niche, they just might end up helping Sony’s music streaming service in the long run. The new iOS app now features offline playback ability, not only that, it also brings over high-quality audio to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The new app is currently awaiting approval from Apple, after which it will be listed on the iTunes App Store. Apart from these new features, Sony is also offering lower subscription price points in a bid to drive in more users. The way offline playback works is that users will be able to download albums, tracks and playlists, and they will be able to listen to them even if there’s no internet connection. The downloaded files won’t be permanently stored on a device, but will be available for offline playback as long as the user is subscribed to Sony’s music streaming service.

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