ps4-revealed-1So after months of the PlayStation 4 was announced, we finally know what the console looks like and how much it could cost, and more importantly when it will be arriving. However there’s one question we’re sure some gamers out there are asking, and that is whether the PlayStation 4 will be regioned-locked. Well the good news for those of you out there planning to pick up the PlayStation 4, you’re in luck as both Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida and Brad Douglas have confirmed independently that the PlayStation 4 will not be region-locked.

This seems to be yet another blow to Microsoft whose Xbox One will have region-locking, although that decision will be left to developers/publishers. Basically what this means is that gamers who live in different parts of the world where a game might be released later, will still be able to import it and play it on their PlayStation 4. This isn’t that big of a deal when it comes to English games, but it could pose a problem when gamers try to import Japanese games which have yet to be localized into English, meaning that they’d probably have to fumble their way through the game and its menus. In any case we guess it’s the freedom of choice that counts.

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