jordan-star-trek-theme-parkCheck out this bit of news – King Abdullah of Jordan is a huge fan of Star Trek, so much so that he even acted as an extra in one of the Star Trek: Voyager episodes. In order to further his Star Trek fantasies, he decided to approve of a Star Trek inspired theme park right in his very own kingdom, where the entire project (which is obviously funded by oil money for most of the part, I suppose) would run up costs of up to $1.5 billion.

It does seem as though there is more than meets the eye, however, as the most unique feature of this theme park would be the fact that it will be 100% (or at least it aspires to) powered by alternative sources of energy, and we are not talking about dilithium crystals here, but rather, renewable sources of energy. After all, the sun is aplenty where the kingdom of Jordan is, so it makes perfect sense to rely on solar as well as wind energy. The entire theme park will take up approximately 74 hectares of space in a quaint coastal town known as Aqaba, where it will boast of 17 entertainment zones and also a 4-star hotel.

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