sunnybotWhen it comes to renewable energy sources, most of would automatically think of the likes of solar energy, wind power and perhaps hydro-electric dams. Here is a Kickstarter project known as the SunnyBot which works in somewhat the same manner as Kal-El – it is powered by the sun itself. A microcomputer lies at the heart of things, where this robot is able to continually tracks the position of the sun, changing its on-board mirror’s position all the time in order to have it reflect the sun’s rays onto a fixed point of your choice. The whole idea of SunnyBot would be to gather solar energy and use it as indoor light-source, especially in rooms that seem to be perpetually shaded.

Solenica is the Italian startup of SunnyBot, and according to them, this bot is capable of improving solar charging performance by concentrating the sun’s energy. It has been touted that a single SunnyBot will be able to redirect up to 7,000 lumens to the location of your choice, and just to get a better idea on how that works in real life, it would be the rough equivalent of a single 500W halogen lamp. The SunnyBot carries a reflective range of up to 200 metres away, coupled with an accuracy error margin of as little as 0.1 meter across 30 meters. It needs to raise a whopping £200,000 over on Kickstarter before it can materialize as an actual device, so you might be interested to check it out.

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