The Twitter Analytics platform was initially only available to the micro-blogging network’s advertising partners. Today we have come to know that Twitter Analytics has been opened up to the public. What this means is that average users like you and me will now be able to see how our tweets are performing. Users will be able to view a breakdown of their followers, while performance information will be displayed in graphs and tables for easy understanding.

The platform will display tweets a user has posted over the past month and how many favorites, replies and retweets they have received. If tweets contain a link, the number of times that link has been clicked will also be displayed. All of this happens in Timeline Activity view. In the Followers view, a graph of follower growth, location, interests, and gender will be displayed. Currently Timeline Activity seems to be working for everyone, while some have reported that Followers view isn’t showing information for all accounts as yet. I’ve tested it myself and have not been able to access Followers, but Timeline Activity is working flawlessly. Twitter Analytics can be accessed here, simply log in with your regular login credentials.

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