The U.S. Navy has finally removed the ‘all caps’ compulsion for its communication messages. For more than a century, all Navy communications have been written entirely in capital letters. A substantial change has now been made, with lowercase letters finally being allowed for use in official communications. Only standard capitalization is required now, which is the norm in writing English the way its meant to be written.

Using all capital letters on the internet is considered rude, it appears as if the person who wrote it is shouting the message. Though its been this way for the navy since 1850. Actually, the U.S. Navy is shifting to a new message routing system that is not only cheaper to operate, but allows lowercase letters in communications as well. Even though the younger Navy personnel are likely to appreciate it, because the messages will look similar to an email, those who have been around in the Navy for a long time would probably want things to stay the way they were. They’d probably not want to change the standardized look of all caps messages. Nevertheless, changes such as these are imminent when one moves forward.

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