googlestreetviewcarGoogle did get into a fair bit of issues with their Street View cars in the past, especially in Europe, where they were sued over data sniffing. In the latest development concerning Google’s Street View data sniffing issue, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) did not issue a fine to the Internet search giant, but they did ask Google to destroy all of the Wi-Fi payload data that its vehicles have collected all this while. It does make us wonder, which is the more damaging result to Google? I suppose the ideal situation would have been both a fine as well as an order to destroy all illegally accumulated data, but something is better than nothing, right?

The ICO did mention, “Based on a detailed investigation, including an analysis of the data Google has recorded, the ICO has concluded that the detriment caused to individuals by this breach fails to meet the level required to issue a monetary penalty.” Google is given 35 days to respond to the regulator’s notice concerning the data destruction, and we do hope that they will comply with the ICO’s recommendation. Hopefully they won’t be as “naughty” as the last time!

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