voice-operated-dashboardWe certainly have come a long way since the smartphone was introduced and hit mainstream consciousness big time with the iPhone from Apple in 2007, and since then, the segment of voice commands have also made progress. How about voice operated dashboards in vehicles – would it be somewhat like the bridge of the USS Enterprise, where a simple voice command can be executed with just a phase? If that is the case, make it so. The thing is, dashboard technology has yet to evolve into something that can be deemed by experts to be safe to use while one drives on the road.

After all, giving different commands to your car to perform various tasks might require a great deal of concentration, so even if you do not remove your hands from the wheel, you might still end up with “tunnel vision” or “inattention blindness”, where you fail to scan the roadway or your mirrors, but rather, stare right ahead without leaving any room to look out for red lights and pedestrians. Surely there needs to be a better solution for the future of the automobile?

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