volvo-selfparkForget about Google’s self-driving car if you are one who is scared of robots taking over the world. After all, there is nothing quite like being in control of your own ride, is there? You can never tell when an accident might happen, even with some high tech artificial intelligence embedded underneath the hood to bring you from point A to point B. Volvo decided to tackle something that some drivers still have issues despite being behind the wheel for many years, and that would be the “problem” of parking. The solution? To come up with self-parking technology of their own.

You will still need to drive your Volvo around, but at the very least, it will be able to park itself, by relying on sensors that have been embedded in the ground. This particular ride is known as “Vehicle 2 Infrastructure,” which would mean plenty of parking lots will need to be renovated if it were to be adopted across a wide scale. I personally think that self parking cars should not come into existence, otherwise we will need to come up with yet another class of driving licenses – one that has a self-parking sign attached to it.

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