xbox-one-headsetWe mentioned yesterday that the Xbox One would not come with a headset bundled, and this might not be that big of a deal for Xbox 360 owners who might already own a headset, but the question is, will 360 headsets be compatible with the Xbox One? Well the good news is that yes it will, although you will need to get your hands on an adapter which will allow you to connect wired headsets to the Xbox One console. This is according to a tweet by the Xbox Support Twitter account in response to a question as to whether older headsets will play nice with the new console. According to the tweet, “We are working to develop an adapter for current wired headsets to connect. More details as we approach launch.” Yesterday Microsoft explained why the Xbox One would not come with the headset bundled. Their reasoning was because since the console came bundled with a Kinect sensor which featured an array of microphones, they felt that there was no need for a headset. Either way Xbox 360 gamers who are planning to upgrade to the Xbox One can rest assured that they will just need to get their hands on an adapter, instead of a brand new headset.

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