Earlier this month, we read about how Domino’s Pizza has experimented with the use of drones to deliver pizza – which is a great idea, if the city is always stuck in a perpetual gridlock, and you have a bunch of hungry customers all over the metropolis, and want to get all the pizza orders to them in time. Of course, if your pizza delivery boys are web-slingers, they might not need to have drones to do the job for them. YO! Sushi too, has an idea on how drones could be used to deliver sushi as well as a totally new customer experience at its restaurants. Imagine having your sushi orders delivered by an AR.Drone that is controlled by an iPad.

Should this particular novelty experience end up as a popular move, then YO! Sushi would also roll out the same concept at the rest of its restaurants later in 2014. What do you think of this move – will it be a perpetual novelty, or would folks just get sick and tired of it after a while?

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