zima-robot-bandSure, we have seen our fair share of robot bands in the past, and as you know, robots are not really at the epitome of creativity but rather, they obey instructions extremely well. Having said that, if you have always wanted to form a band of your own but somehow or rather, the circumstances do not seem to fall in your favor, there is always a backup plan – by relying on a robot band, of course. Another benefit of a robot band is this – they will not be high on drugs during the most crucial moments, and they let you take every single cent that people throw their way in your direction. The Zima robot did not really make its mark in the US, but it has proven to be quite the hit at clubs in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Z-Machines, where its “Z” stands for Zima, will comprise of three metallic musicians, including a guitar-playing frontman alongside vocals, a six-armed drummer, and a robot that remains immobile throughout the performance, although it flashes light as the other two robots perform. You can “feed” it with your own composed tunes, and hear whether they will make or break your song.

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