Did you drool when you read about the $325,000 stem cell hamburger when we first reported it back in May? Have you been dying at the chance to taste what a lab-grown burger could taste like? Well – it looks like your day may soon come as University of Maastricht researcher Mark Post is finally ready to serve these burgers up.

The tasting of Post’s lab-grown burgers will take place in front of an invited audience in London on August 5. “The event will include a brief explanation of the science behind the burger before it is cooked and tasted.” No other information was given in regards to the event, leaving us to wonder if cheese will be considered for the lab-grown burger, or if a bun will even make an appearance.

Post told The New York Times in May the engineered meat by itself with no fat or seasonings “tastes reasonably good.” Hopefully Post will hire an expert chef like Gordon Ramsey to cook his lab-grown burger to give whoever was chosen to eat it a better experience than they would just eating a slab of meat on a plate.

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