ajays_five_black_highBack in May we reported that headphone manufacturer ,JAYS announced their a-JAYS Five series of earphones for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. At that time the earphones were listed as “coming soon”, but it looks like “soon” actually means August. This is according to product manager, Peter Cedmer, who spoke to the folks at WMPoweruser and confirmed that while a specific date could not be given, the earphones were estimated to arrive by the end of August and as we had reported back then, it will cost you a cool $100 if you were to get your hands on it.

Interestingly Cedmer shared that the bulk of the demand for the earphones actually came from Windows Phone users. Considering that iOS and Android users number higher than Windows Phone, this is surprising, but then again there are a plethora of accessories and peripherals for iOS and Android, so perhaps iOS and Android users aren’t that excited at yet another accessory. Cedmer acknowledged this and was quoted as saying, “I cannot believe this group of users get so few music accessories to choose from but for sure this will change coming year.”

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