Alleged Nokia Lumia 1020 With AT&T Branding Leaked

Nokia-Lumia-1020We’ve been hearing a bit about the upcoming Nokia EOS, which could be known as the Lumia 1020 upon release, and we’ve also seen a couple of alleged leaked photos. Well if you were planning on picking up the handset upon its release, it seems that AT&T will be your carrier of choice, according to @evleaks who posted the image above on his Twitter account. The photo above, assuming it is the real deal, shows off the Lumia 1020 in all of its official glory and thanks to a branding on the upper left hand corner of the phone, it looks like an AT&T device. The phone is expected to be exclusive to AT&T, at least for the time being, and according to the rumors, the handset is expected to similar in hardware to the Lumia 920 with the main difference being that instead of an 8.7MP camera, it will sport a 41MP much like the 808 PureView. In any case the phone is expected to be announced on the 11th of July, so be sure to check back with us then for the details!

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