android-logo-whiteJust when you thought that it does not make sense to go higher than Full HD resolution on your smartphone because of the relatively small size compared to a monitor, not to mention that your eyes would probably be unable to make up the nuances of quality, here we are presented with whispers of the possibility of the Android operating system being able to support 4K displays. This is certainly something to sit up and take notice of, considering how tablets themselves do find it difficult to go beyond the 2,560 x 1,600 resolution mark.

The twist of course is that Android is not limited to smartphones and tablets. Google’s operating system already powers TVs and set top boxes that could benefit from a 4K resolution. It is also fair to say that 4K support would also allow Android mobiles to be connected directly to a 4K display, or manage a virtual 4K display.

How do we know that 4K is coming, you may ask? Well, apparently someone spotted a bunch of new code within Android 4.3 Jelly Bean that points out to this possible 4K support. It’s not too hard to believe since 4K is mainly a matter of allocating more resources and having the proper hardware support. Like it or not, just like 1080p before it, 4K is coming and no amount of skepticism will derail it.

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