angrytrayvonWhen it comes to preserving the sensitivities of your neighbor, common sense prevails. However, sometimes, someone out there steps out of line, resulting in an outrage as what happened with this Android game known as Angry Trayvor. Here is a little bit of context – a certain Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman last year, where the 17-year old’s death drew international media attention, with Zimmerman undergoing trial at the moment for the murder.

Apparently, Android and iOS app developer Trade Digital rolled out “Angry Trayvon,” which happens to be a game that shows off a hooded character who is on a “world tour of revenge on the bad guys who terrorize cities everyday [sic].” The game’s name might have, er, given the game away, but Trade Digital’s Twitter account made it clear that it “was not intended to portray any people in real life.” I suppose denial can only get you so far, when the character’s hooded sweatshirt happens to resemble the very same attire that Martin wore when he was brutally murdered in what was suspected to be a racially profiled murder case. If the folks at Trade Digital knew better, they should have just used a totally different character design instead to avoid such controversy. After all, the mantra of better safe than sorry rings true here. So far, many people have already asked to have the app pulled from the Play Store.

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