Apple 1 Computer Sold At Auction Could Be Worth Far More Those who are regulars at auction houses will be able to tell you of the thrills that they get from walking away with a bargain, although there also lies the danger of letting your emotions cloud your judgment as you fork out a premium for something that is not worth that much. Still, a recent online auction of a rare Apple 1 computer was sold for $387,750, and while many of us would not have that kind of disposable cash to pick up one of the first ever Apple 1 computers produced by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the buyer was astute enough to do so as he or she could have already turned a profit.

Why do we say so? A different Apple 1 computer that was sold at an auction this May went for a jaw dropping $671,400, breaking the previous Apple 1 sale record of $640,000. It is said that the device sold this week could eventually fetch half a million dollars. Still, one of the main reasons why this auction did not break the previous record was because this set came with just a motherboard and other functional components, but lacked the original monitor.

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