apple-5-yearsHow fast time flies. If you were to roll back the scrolls of time to July 2008, it was when the world was introduced to the iPhone 3G which spurred Apple’s stock to greater heights, while there was this debut of the App Store, too. The Apple App Store as well as its range of apps have certainly walked some distance from then until now, but we do know that many Apple device users have been more than happy with what the App Store offered, even until today. Apple wants to invoke a little tear jerker with an infographic of the Apple App Store’s progress throughout the past five year.

One of the more notable milestones achieved in this year alone included the 50 billionth app downloaded, where the lucky person who downloaded that 50 billionth app was also on the receiving end of a $10,000 gift card. That alone should last for quite a while, perhaps even a lifetime worth of apps and games, if used wisely. How else do you think that Apple should celebrate the App Store’s 5th anniversary? By making extremely popular paid apps free for the entire day? A discount on some of the hottest games available? What would you do if you were Apple?

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